About Us

Welcome to PATOAK!

We are a team based on daily use products and we focus on providing high quality, creative and practical products to our customers. Our products not only have unique designs, but also have practical uses.

Our team was founded in 2020 when our founders wanted to combine the beauty of model containers with the practicality of shipping containers to create unique products. Over the years, we have continued our research and innovation to develop many popular products.

Our product line includes container pen holders, container tissue boxes, container mugs, container models, etc. These products are not only suitable for home offices, but also perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

Our team consists of a group of professionals who love design and attention to detail. Our designers are well versed in container construction and design, and they give unique design elements and practical functions to each product.

Our mission is to make people feel the beauty of life through our products. We hope our products can add more fun and comfort to your life.

Thank you for your visit and if you have any questions or suggestions about our products, please feel free to contact us.